Complete Battery Asset Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive maintenance regime using the best and latest technologies in the world. Most other battery maintenainers are still relying on outdated, single point impedance testing. Reliance on a single impedance point does not provide adequate information about all the processes that affect the health of a battery. CELScan™ (Chemical Electrical Layer Scan) technology is greatly supeior to other impedance-based test methods. CELScan™ gives our engineers the ability to report on the exact state of health with expert recommendations.

The introduction of electrochemical analysis makes this type of maintenance preventive. It tracks all trends in battery condition to facilitate corrective measures before system integrity is compromised. Utilising the latest technologies our maintenance programme is no more expensive than simple impedance testing and provides a far more comprehensive report allowing you to avoid premature battery failure scenarios. It is often reported that over 80% of UPS failures are due to battery faults. If your prime concern is to avoid costly and damaging computer downtime a review of the maintenance regime being used for battery systems is advised.

Intelligent Battery Management System

IBMS™ (Intelligent Battery Management System™) is a FREE software system to all our clients. Maintain and monitor the health of every battery in your inventory and plan maintenance based on warning and failure parameters set. Parameters are adjustable, depending how critical the battery system is. The inventory structure is also fully customisable to suit your organisation?s operational requirements.

IBMS™ is a fully functioning, licensed version and not a trial version that will expire. Download a copy and try it out. The software will soon import databases from other handheld battery analysers on the market. If you want to migrate your database, this capability is coming soon. Please review the feature list for details on database import. IBMS™ can also communicate with the new Dynapulse® Systems so we can view both your CELScan™ analysis results and Dynapulse® data simultaneously while plotting amount of battery recovery.

IBMS™ Sample data may be imported and used for demonstration purposes. You can also visit the GEI Customer Support Site for software downloads, release notes, user manuals and much more.

Complete Battery Asset Control