Mobile telecommunication companies spend millions of dollars purchasing and maintaining industrial battery banks for power backup of mission critical switching and base-station site hardware. In the case of a power outage, “battery failure” can mean an interruption in mobile communications.


Solar power systems that rely on batteries most often fail from battery failure. Just like utility, telecommunication and UPS battery strings, solar battery strings use wet cells (VLA), while others use sealed (AGM – VRLA or GEL) batteries. When a battery is not properly charged for extended periods of time due to inadequate solar array capacity, heavy battery Sulfation often results.


The leading cause of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) failure and datacenter downtime is battery failure. Backup power is typically in the form of a UPS backed by a diesel or other generator system. Near instantaneous switchover from one power supply to another is required to prevent power failure.

Grid Storage

Some energy storage systems are electrochemical, monitoring the health and failure-modes is critical to prevent failures and extend the useful life of these systems. Both the EC-Series Analysers and the CM-Series Continuous Monitoring Systems, using CELScan™ technology, provide precise information on the current health of the system as well as an accurate prediction of when and how failure will occur.

Utilities & Power Generation

When a power plant is partially or completely shut down or taken offline, it is often the batteries’ role to provide the electricity for exercising mission critical hardware required to bring the facility back online. In the case of a “black-start” plant, the responsibility is even more critical, as the plant has to provide enough electricity to re-start other power generation plants within the same region or network.


A wide range of batteries are used at mining sites for coal, hard rock and other tunnelling and transport applications. These batteries range from 6-volt scrubber batteries up to 15 ton, 128 to 240 volt DC coal hauler batteries. Regardless of the size or type, batteries play a critical role in mining operations. For this reason, the proper maintenance and testing of batteries is critical.

Oil & Gas

Battery failure is not an option for Oil & Gas exploration and support systems related to drilling, production, pipeline and other support operations. Emergency backup systems must function in remote operations making the battery backup system a critical and integral part of the overall power system.


In order for smart systems to operate effectively, rapid and precise measurements of a battery’s overall health and charge are absolutely essential. CELScan™ technology has already been recognised by our partners for its unprecedented levels of precision in assessing the health of both the automotive (SLI) battery and its individual components.


The various militaries of the world use enormous amounts of batteries in all aspects of their operations. The need for precise battery test and restoration equipment is essential to prevent costly and dangerous battery failures. Additionally, with the huge amounts of batteries in use, extending battery life is a key driver in reducing battery expenditures.


Traditional Marine batteries are used both for starting (cranking) and other deep cycle applications such as powering electrical accessories such as motors, navigation equipment, backup power systems and other DC equipment. Regardless of the application, these batteries are relied upon to provide power in critical applications where failure is often dangerous and costly.

Golf Carts

Golf cart batteries play a critical role in overall golf cart performance. Batteries are a high-cost item and, consequently, a constant source of concern when it comes to determining how to most effectively service and when to replace them. Often golf cart batteries are not properly maintained, which can cause a dramatic reduction in their useful life, resulting in early battery replacement.


Forklifts, Stackers, Aerial Lifts, Powered Pallet Jacks and other material handling equipment batteries are high-cost items ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per pack. Decreased downtime and increased profitability ultimately comes from properly maintained and serviced equipment. Since batteries play a critical role in equipment performance, properly testing and servicing these high-value add assets is critical.

Automotive – SLI

As mentioned in the Transportation section above, CELScan™ technology has been recognised by our partners for its unprecedented levels of precision in assessing the health of automotive (SLI) batteries.