Battery Services

Advanced Battery Technologies deliver precision battery test, monitoring and rejuvenation services and software to monitor results. Battery voltage and impedance are only gross electrical indicators of battery function. They provide limited information about battery health and are less than 100% reliable in detecting batteries that are near failure. To reduce the cost and risk of ownership, both the electrical and chemical properties of batteries must be measured simultaneously.Learn More

Electrochemical Analysis

The most effective method to detect changes in battery health is by frequency response analysis. Using CELScan™ (Chemical Electrical Layer Scan) Technology, ABT has the capability to perform true multi-frequency analysis on batteries, including Lead Acid, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium-Ion and other batteries.Learn More

Battery Rejuvenation

High Impact, Low-Frequency Pulse Charging is at the core of our rejuvenation process. The process takes about 8 – 12 hours to complete and batteries are ready for redeployment within 24 hours after treatment. The process involves a three-stage charging regime to sulfated cells, culminating in a high-amplitude, low-frequency pulsed charge regime, while carefully monitoring cell temperature to prevent thermal runaway.

Dynapulse™ Battery Rejuvenation / Charger Systems are used for the rapid elimination of sulfation buildup in lead acid batteries. Our high-current, low-frequency restoration method both conditions and charges batteries ranging from 2 to 48 volts. When used in combination with CELScan™ Electro-Chemical Analysis, we reverse sulfation buildup and restore the battery capacity and general health of the battery system. The technology can also be used for annual maintenance to prolong the life span of your batteries.Learn More