Advanced Battery Technologies provides advanced testing and recovery solutions to extend the life of telecommunication batteries. Using Advanced Battery Technologies’ advanced test and recovery technology, mobile operators can greatly reduce early battery replacement and the unnecessary associated costs.

With millions of telecommunication batteries deployed throughout South Africa, Advanced Battery Technologies’ advanced test and recovery techniques reverse the effects of sulphation, which is the predominant reason for premature battery failure. These recoverable batteries would otherwise be scrapped.

Advanced Battery Technologies has service contracts with major operators in South Africa, achieving significant battery recovery to offset the cost of battery replacement. Advanced Battery Technologies has storage and operation facilities in numerous regions throughout South Africa, providing a single point of entry for new, old and rejuvenated batteries. This allows rapid receiving and dispatch by the operators and their sub-contractor network.

Advanced Battery Technologies has relationships in the global battery industry, with access to leading technologies and superior pricing.


Duncan Hipkin

Managing Director

Mark Cole

Technical Director

Simon Hipkin

Financial Director